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- Designed the site with an all black background - Add capability to browse related items as set by client - Change product zoom functionality to better adhere to new design

About Cient

The Materialist is the brainchild of Avantika Sujan (pictured), who started her career as a corporate lawyer in London, after degrees in Economics and Maths from University College, London and the London School of Economics, before she decided to make the switch to the aesthetic realm.

With an emphasis on luxurious and tactile fabric ('Clothes that shimmer like water and float like air'), our clothes seek to add personality, style, elegance and class to the wardrobe. Timelessness, and a potential shift away from the paradigm of the 'trend', characterise the brand.
We have hosted events at premier locations- Razzia in Zurich, as well as at A ta Maison, and the gorgeous Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi, India.